Podiums discussion on Regeneration

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How do we build our understanding of regeneration?

I had the opportunity to help set up the context for the 2023 edition of the your 2040 gathering. I shared my and collaborators work on a circular cross-scale spiral governance model we developed and which is part of the DRRS MOOC series of Systemic Design Labs ⎟ETH Zurich.

The circular cross-scalar governance spiral aims to provide guidance in designing for bio-regional regeneration. The framework contains circularities – 5 types of circular flows – across 8 scales of governance for operationalizing design for regeneration. I see it as a navigation tool for decision making in complexity, within each scale, and across scales of governance.

The framework I present in this discussion can be downloaded as a “white poster” here: Luthe T., Fitzpatrick H. and D. Wahl. 2023. Circular cross-scalar governance spiral. Designing for bio-regional regeneration. Poster of a white paper, work in progress. Download.



Interview by Chris Luebkeman at [y]our 2040 in 2023
Video by Newsroom Communication
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