Mountain- and wilderness guiding as well as teaching outdoor sports to me are fun ways of connecting people with nature, experiencing and feeling the interaction of us humans with the natural environment - following the call of the wild. Guiding people in the wild and being a partner to experience a unique time safely is a challenging task.

I enjoy both teaching skills of mountain- and outdoor sports and wilderness survival, as well as learning from the characters and social interaction myself.

Pre-conditions for my work as a guide and explorer are both proper technical training and practice, and experience. I am a certified ski mountaineering guide, a professional Telemark- and Freeskier, a ski instructor for all skiing styles, and trained in hunting and wilderness survival. I have almost 20 years of experience in leading mountaineering endeavours and expeditions world wide.

I invite you to join my trips and courses to explore new ground, challenge yourself and connect to like minded people.

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Guided exclusive ski safari 2014-2022


Further information and fun stuff

Some images from trips I guided.

Movie clip from an expedition to Kamchatka, Russia, by Colin Witherill

Movie clip from an ArcAlpNet research expedition to Svalbard, Arctic of Norway (by Colin Witherill)

Movie skiing spring corn in the High Sierra of California (self cut)

Mountain biking the BC bike race tracks in British Columbia (self cut)

Bike & Ski spring couloir in Valle Po, from the MonViso Institute (self cut)

April spring powder and corn skiing at Grimselpass of Switzerland

Skiing Ostanetta, Valle Po

Testing the Black Diamond Jetforce avalanche backpack