Teaching is a learning partnership where I see myself as a coach, enabling students or people I work with to develop tools and skills to empower self-directed, self-motivated learning. I have been working with all age classes and people from many cultures, from kids in ski schools to university students to professional managers in executive education, to guiding senior groups on mountaineering endeavors.

Based on my training in didactics (see below), I am blending my skills as scientist, systemic designer, craftsman. photographer, mountain guide and sports teacher for developing innovative teaching curricula focusing on learning from nature – in nature and in experiential formats by connecting thinking and doing. I like to combine visual communication, storytelling and experiential learning with outdoor activities in my teaching courses.

I have been experimenting with didactic models since 2005, when I finished my second Master degree with a thesis on “sustainability leadership training”. More recently, I have been focusing on hybrid teaching formats, combining virtual tools with physical outdoor education.

Current teaching courses

  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems, ETHZ

This innovative Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), being offered first time in autumn 2021, provides students with worldviews, tools, illustrations and transformative networks to build their capacity and involve in systemic innovation. The MOOC aims to empower students with the necessary consciousness, motivation and methodology to identify and analyze complex sustainability problems and co-create effective solutions. ETH Zurich Systemic Design Labs.

  • PhD Summer School RE:Generate Alpine-Urban Circularity, ETHZ

The EPFL-ETHZ Summer School “Designing for Resiliency: RE:GENERATE alpine-urban circularity” is taking place July 5-13th, 2021, as a hybrid format on-site and virtual. We developed a timely, pandemic-resilient new hybrid format of nudging social outdoor transformative action, onsite and with virtual tools. Together with other PhD students and guided by faculty we will design seeds of systemic innovation for resilient and regenerative livelihoods in direct application to local communities, and a new solidarity between the urban and the alpine. ETH Zurich Systemic Design Labs.

  • Systemic Design Labs, ETH Zurich, CH

Teaching whole systems design to interdisciplinary students. MSc courses RE:GENERATE alpine-urban circularity,  Grand Challenges in Engineering Design (building and testing eco-skis and snowboards) and Systemic Design for Sustainability (building eco skateboards, kite boards, educational snowshoe toolkits, knives) at ETH Zürich, CH. ETH Zurich Systemic Design Labs

  • Systems Oriented Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, N

I am contributing in a Master course on systems oriented design with a new format on designing and building circular Nordic backcountry skis, a modern translation of the original Norwegian Telemark skiing culture – embedded in circular thinking for material supply chains, consumer behavior and future tourism development and land use related with climate change.

  • Various didactic exploratory formats, MonViso Institute, IT

Together with colleagues, we are experimenting with formats such as “View from Above” complexity and drone flying with partner ShiftN, “Exploring flow in nature” related with mindfulness and partner Mark Coleman, Permaculture design, Regenerative Design Talks, and others. The MonViso Institute is a place being designed for such formats.

  • Sustainability Leadership Training, University of Freiburg, GER

Development and teaching of this undergraduate course for students of all disciplines on management competence in sustainable development since 2005. Training on the concept of SD with embedded case studies in tourism, geography and conservation in the Nature Park Southern Black Forest. The SLT is an inter- and transdisciplinary course combining traditional lecture and seminar elements with outdoor activities, self-directed action learning, e- learning, creative visualization of story telling, and project-based, embedded case study methods applied to geography, conservation and resources management in a regional protected area. I have been evaluating the effectiveness of this program, which had been endorsed as a UN Decade for Education on SD project. Centre for Key Qualifications, University of Freiburg, Germany.

Past teaching courses

  • Open Systems Design, Politecnico Torino, IT

As Visiting Professor in 2020, I taught a semester Master course in Systemic Design. Due to Covid-19, the entire course was virtual, which was challenging for students and teachers since this course requires data collection in the field. About 65 students from many countries assess the linearity and weakness of the regional economy and design opportunities for a more circular economy. Virtual visual design tools like Miro are used to develop the basic diagnosis for Gigamaps of the entire community. Results were presented in a local exhibition with practitioners and policy makers at the MonViso Institute. Politecnico Torino, IT.

  • Resilience in mountain regions, University of Lugano, CH

Development and teaching of this graduate block course in a blended learning format with a one-week field stay in the Italian Piedmont mountains to do experiential learning in community development, focusing on sustainable mobility concepts, footprint accounting, consumer behavior and network-based hospitality governance. Master in Economics and Communication in International Tourism: Sustainable Tourism Colloquium, University of Lugano, CH.

  • Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry

Developing GRI sustainability reports inlcuding water and carbon foot printing. Executive Master program. Swiss Academy of Hotel Excellence, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, CH.

  • Network governance and resilience

Development and teaching of this graduate course in the Master of Science in Business Administration, Major Tourism. University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland.

  • Human-Environment Systems and Environmental Change

Development and teaching of this graduate course in the Master of Science in Business Administration, Major Tourism. University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland.

  • Sustainability Empowerment

Development and teaching of this undergraduate elective course in the Bachelor program Tourism Management. University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland.

Training and Certifications in Education and Didactics

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Education and Sustainability, graduation in 2005 (University of Rostock, GER). This program is equivalent (accepted) to Higher Education Training courses required for teaching at Universities.
    Master thesis: Sustainability Leadership Training. Development and Evaluation of a University teaching concept on Sustainable Development.

Overall teaching experience at the University level: >300 ECTS (as of 2020)

  • State certified sports teacher (Germany, graduated in 2008)
  • Mountain Guide of the German Alpine Association (graduated in 1998)

Additional experience in experiential learning and outdoor based education, including professional mountain guiding, sports teaching and team training: 18 years