New Master of Advanced Studies MAS in Regenerative Systems at ETH Zurich

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I would love to study the new ETH Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Regenerative Systems program myself – if I would not be programming it.

In this video conversation, Daniel Christian Wahl and I discuss some of the leading-edge content, didactics and practical benefits of the new Master of Advanced Studies program in Regenerative Systems offered by ETH Zurich | School for Continuing Education, as part of the #DRRS program by Systemic Design Labs ⎟ETH Zurich, which I am responsible for.












Why I would love to study the MAS myself?
– In a nutshell, the program’s holistic approach combines holistic science and engineering with embodied practice.
– By designerly enacting emergence, it focuses on enacting emergence in living systems through a design perspective.
– The self-paced MOOC courses leave me 100% freedom of where and when to study as a precondition to entering the MAS.
– The deepening live conversations with leading experts one normally would have no access to help to tailor and evolve one’s own Quest as the guiding learning spine through this organic program.
– The professional learning peer group environment from multiple nations, disciplines and job types is a blast – both in the DRRS online community, and during the field design trips.
– The deep and long-term practices from partnering living systems labs with the self-transformative field design trips to the MonViso Institute in the Italian Alps, to fjord Norway, to the Balearic Islands, where one learns from the many nuances of what works and what doesn’t work in the real world, off the desk and computer, in physical presence and embodied cognition – this is a unique learning and transformative opportunity.
– And, a Master degree by ETH in Regenerative Systems is something I’d love to have on my lifelong learning list of records….

I was told by a friend once that investment (time, finances) into education is never a misinvestment. This executive Master program comprises three Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) and a freely accessible Massive Open Online Course series. This MOOC series brings top-level education for free to anywhere in the world with internet access. One can choose what fits and what is feasible – the MOOC series, one or more of the CAS, or the full MAS. A built-in beauty is that the executive CAS/MAS program helps to offer the MOOC series for free.

As for the next CAS, number 2 out of 3, entitled Beyond Systems Thinking, the application window is open until April 7th ’24. It is one of the elements of the full Master.

More info and sign-up: