I am an academic – a scientist and a higher education teacher – with an interest in understanding theories and philosophy of science both for the sake of deep conceptual discourse, and for helping to solve real world problems with the methods and tools science has to offer.

Having a background in the natural and the social sciences, and in engineering, my major research interests are related to the interaction of humans and the environment in a systems “design” understanding.

I am specifically interested in the “overlays” and boundaries between systems. In nature, biodiversity is greatest where different topographies, landscape types, biotopes, habitats meet and merge. Similar as in nature, I like to explore the potential between science disciplines, with designers, engineers, programmers, practitioners – because complex challenges require timely and evolving “neuronal” approaches.

My interests in employing science for helping to design a more sustainable world are matched with my entrepreneurial mindset.

I currently work as transdisciplinary sustainability scientist, in resilience and transition studies at a number of Universities.

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