A lense through which we look at the world.
Framing & Reframing.


Milky way night camping self-portrait on the Great Divide bike route through Colorado, USA.


Photography to me is a way to focus, be present, and experience flow.
And to get out in nature. To move, to pause.

Busy bee collecting pollen in the Italian Po Valley, MonViso Institute.

I like to focus on details.

Premature Laburnum alpinum blossom covered in rain drops. Italian Po Valley on 1500m asl, MonViso Institute.


I like to zoom out and find the view from above.
By drone. And by climbing mountains.

Drone shot of Hydnefossen waterfall in the Hemsedal Valley, Norway. 


System boundaries, Ecotones.
(Bio) Diversity is highest where systems converge, where exchange happens.
11°C meet 19°C. White meets dark blue and together become turquoise.

Droneshot of the #lütschine river with all its grinded whitish rock powder from high mountain valleys, glacial debris, where it meets the #brienzersee, the lake of #Brienz, in the Berner Oberland, Suisse.


From distance, we can see structure.
Structure and patterns.
This helps to zoom in on details that matter.

Drone shot of grass/turf roof wood cabins at Hemsedal ski center, Norway. 


Living Systems.
Life as evolutionary biology. Where we humans are (not) part of.
Antifragility from cells to aspen tree communities.

Drone shot of the Venice lagoon, take from a kayak in one of the meandering water channels. 

Pathways, directions, scales.
When we focus on our own path, we may not see others around.
When we look left and right, we see other pathways, and some may seem to lead in a totally different direction.
When we zoom out further, we may realize, that many of those pathways actually lead in an overall similar direction. We may realize, that we all share similar goals, visions, demands - we just need to zoom out far enough, to understand collaborative power.

Drone shot of the Old Aare river and its accompanying routes in the Seenland North of Berne, Bernese Oberland, Suisse.


Through photography, I connect with place.

Drone shot of a kayak trip near Zurich, Switzerland. 


I practice photography as a self-development tool of meditative self- and nature connection.

Evening light view from Giens/Almanarre peninsula towards Toulon, France. 


I feel deeply connected with wildlife, animals, plants, living species.
And I like to feel and explore this connectedness, as well through photography.

Polar bear climbing an ice shell in Van Mijenfjorden, Svalbard/Spitsbergen, Norway. 


Catching the moment. When an animals seems human. We realize, we are so connected.
It often is chance, timing, seeing, being ready in that one moment.

I am the king, and I know it. An Ibex chills around sunrise on a mountain ridge that we need to cross in order to climb Monte Viso, 3842m asl, Valle Po, Italy.  


I am addicted by the full moon.
Moon photography is a ritual for me each moon cycle with clear skies.
What is your nature connection ritual?

Fullmoon set around sunrise. Italian-French ridgeline, Po Valley, MonViso Institute.  


Nature is so amazing.
Photography to me is a tool to explore, connect, and learn from nature.

Curious seal framed by an iceberg in Disko Bay, Greenland.


I like action sports photography in wild conditions.
Finding the one moment where everything is "perfect".

A good Telemark ski buddy in full swing of a multidimensional bottomless powder flotation  experience on Hokkaido, Japan. 


I use photography as a powerful tool of visual (science) communication.

Drone photo: Tobias Luthe. Explanatory graphical layer: Haley Fitzpatrick. Ostana, Valle Po, Italy.


Photography is about timing and chance, about senses and connection with place and time.
I simply love to be able to catch the magic moment.

A magic moment with myself and my mountain bike on a mountain top facing Monte Viso, 3842m asl. Valle Po, Italy, near the MonViso Institute. 


Photography for me is a tool to focus, to concentrate on things that matter, to switch between inner and outer focus.

It teaches intention, focus, patience, chance, reaction, mindfulness and appreciation.

Photography has great power to narrate science, it sharpens one’s eyes for human-environment relations, creates lasting visions, and it is great fun.

I enjoy playing with depth, distance, angle, speed and technology.

Drone view above around Hemsedal, Norway. 



I here and there cut some short movie trailers, more for fun:

Californian High Sierra ski traverse - Aspendell to Swall Meadows - as late as mid May of the exceptional record snow winter 2023

Systemic Cycles - a short movie on the prototype cycle and learning tour on bio-regional weaving in the Italian Piedmont

Zero carbon skiing from the Zurich city door to the local Uetliberg hill  - most snow since 15 years

Skiing spring corn in the High Sierra of California

Mountain biking the BC bike race tracks in British Columbia

Bike & Ski spring couloir in Valle Po, from the MonViso Institute

April spring powder and corn skiing at Grimselpass of Switzerland

Skiing Ostanetta, Valle Po

Testing the Black Diamond Jetforce avalanche backpack

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