Photography is a way to focus, be present, and experience flow. It is a tool of self development, and of connecting with place.

As a speaker and educator I utilize my photography portfolio to visualize beauty, complexity, science and life in an appealing way.


I enjoy playing with depth, distance, angle, speed and technology – photography is a tool to focus, to concentrate on things that matter, to switch between inner and outer focus. It teaches intention, focus, patience, chance, reaction, mindfulness and appreciation. Photography has great power to narrate science, it sharpens one’s eyes for human-environment relations, creates lasting visions, and it is great fun. If you like my photos, follow me on Instagram with my personal profile, with the MonViso Institute profile, or the Grown Skis profile.



I here and there cut some short movie trailers, more for fun:

Systemic Cycles - a short movie on the prototype cycle and learning tour on bio-regional weaving in the Italian Piedmont

Zero carbon skiing from the Zurich city door to the local Uetliberg hill  - most snow since 15 years

Skiing spring corn in the High Sierra of California

Mountain biking the BC bike race tracks in British Columbia

Bike & Ski spring couloir in Valle Po, from the MonViso Institute

April spring powder and corn skiing at Grimselpass of Switzerland

Skiing Ostanetta, Valle Po

Testing the Black Diamond Jetforce avalanche backpack