New publication: Social networks and visions for regional systemic innovation

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This is a really cool paper on the ETH Zurich Mountain Pathways project we have been working on for quite some time:

(Abstract) Mountain regions face substantial challenges and opportunities arising from global change. The capacity of mountain regions for (systemic) innovation will be determinant to the success of system transformations envisioned by social actors of mountain communities.

By analysing the social networks of two regions in the Alps and relating them to desired future visions of sustainable regional development, we provide insights about innovative capacities in mountain regions and propose how to strengthen these capacities in order to support regional transformations. In particular, we analyse innovation systems’ collaboration networks to evaluate the innovative capacity of communities, co-construct visions with mountain stakeholders, and assess innovation requirements to meet these visions.

Accordingly, we propose changes to the collaboration networks for addressing regional innovation system (RIS) capacities to help achieve visions through systemic innovation.

Our analysis furthers the understanding on the type and magnitude of regional innovation system changes required to more effectively address desired transformative visions in mountain regions.

We close by discussing implications of our approach for the assessment of innovative capacity and the transformation of mountain regions.

Blanco, V., Luthe, T., Bruley, E. and A. Grêt-Regamey. 2023. Aligning social networks and co-designed visions to foster systemic innovation in the Alps. Reg Environ Change 23, 102 (2023).