Voices of the ReGeneration: Podcast talk with Daniel Christian Wahl

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On March 27th, 2023, my friend Daniel Wahl invited me to have a chat with him as part of his Voices of the ReGeneration podcast.

Daniel has been supporting the new DRRS program at ETH Zurich`s Systemic Design Labs, including the Massive Open Online Course series and the new professional CAS/MAS study program.

I have been learning, unlearning and relearning so much through the conversations with Daniel, and the joint time we spent in Greece and the NOW Assembly, and around Daniel’s weaving work on Mallorca.

In this conversation we explore not just these programs but speak more about how my own commitment to embodied practice and applying regenerative design in specific places with specific communities have helped shape the program which draws on my international network as both an academic but also a mountaineer, ski expedition leader and community based practitioner with the MonViso Institute in the Italian Alps which I co-founded.

Daniel’s amazing work is linked from his personal website: https://www.danielchristianwahl.com/.