Invited talk at ETH Zurich: Regenerative Design – Scaling Circularity beyond Materials

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Systemic Regenerative Design of Building Systems: Scaling Circularity beyond Materials.

MBS Spotlight Lunch Lecture, Master in Integrated Building Systems, ETH Zurich.

The talk explores theory and practice of regenerative systems, and embeds buildings in communities and bio-regions of circularity. The real-world laboratory “MonViso Institute” in the Italian Alps is presented with multiple types of circularity that originate in a newly built “passive net-positive wood house”, but span across scales. The systemic design effects of material, water, energy, biological, economic and social circularity lead to both public support and resistance for systemic innovation in this building and the campus. The “Tools for Change” are discussed from a resilience science perspective and how they impact local, regional and global scales.

The MBS Spotlight Lunch Lecture. The series is a platform for invited practitioners and researchers to present their approaches to cutting-edge research, complex design problems, and strategies for implementation.Tobias will speak about his boundary breaking approach to research and design.