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While enjoying multiple passions in life, most of my professional work focuses on the interaction of nature (ecosystems) with humans (socio-economic systems) in a holistic or systems approach - looking at the big picture while focusing on the small steps - integrating theory and practice in a creative way.
Through my 'Science 2 Practice' approach I am a partner for sustainability transitions, living my fascination for nature and joy of life as a scientist, an eco-entrepreneur, a mountain guide, and a photographer.
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Publication: We propose the metaphor of Adaptive Waves to build a better understanding of the resilience concept and highlight the capacity to build resilience in social-ecological systems in the journal Sustainability Science.

Science communication: Check out a recent blog I wrote about 'Creating a Vision for Sustainable Arctic Communities' on the National Geographic blog 'The Great Energy Challenge'.

Entrepreneurial project: The Arctic Change ski is a luxury handcrafted ski Grown developed from unique Arctic materials telling the story of change in Arctic social-ecological systems.

Explorer's trip: I offer three Grown Experience trips in 2016: traversing the French Alps on skis, skiing the High Sierra of California, and exploring the Arctic. See the full program (under revision)



Having a background both in the natural and the social sciences, my major research interests as a scientist are related to the interaction of humans and the environment in a systems understanding.

Resilience of Arctic and Alpine Social-Ecological Systems ArcAlpNet.

Sustainability Assessment and Governance of Sustainable Mountain Tourism SMTA.

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Capacity building, self-empowerment and behavioral change for sustainability leadership are objectives of the University teaching courses I offer, specializing on didactics of blended learning, design thinking and experiential outdoor activities.

I am co-founder and director of the MonViso Institute, a projected Alpine hub for research, education and entrepreneurship in sustainability transformations and social-ecological design, situated in the Italian Piemonte Alps.

The Monviso Institute www.monviso-institute.org.

Grown is an eco-entrepreneurial design lab having developed the most eco-efficient skis on the market, pioneering eco-friendly materials, based on the first life cycle assessment of skis. Grown transfers eco-innovation competence for sustainable design beyond skis.

High tech eco freeride skis - visit www.grownskis.com.

I am a certified mountaineering guide, ski instructor and explorer with almost 20 years of experience. I offer self-powered, unique experiences in wild terrain with fun people while jointly learning about and from nature and the places we visit. I invite you to go wild and dive into some of my research in social-ecological systems, such as on Arctic and Alpine resilience to climate change.

Join me for an adventure.

My passion as a nature and outdoor sports photographer sharpened my view for human-environment relations. The power of photographs provides a creative angle and a motivating approach to awareness raising, science communication and capacity building. Check out my photography site (currently under re-construction).