Eco Design Inspired by Outdoor Creativity

Grown is a research-based brand with a clear focus and competence in outdoor sports and lifestyle. Grown develops and offers outdoors sport products to the customer technically at least on industry standard level and only if delivering considerable improvements from an ecological perspective.The eco design competence from having won the first ISPO eco design price in 2008 for skis is translated into the systemic design of diversified product groups, into further research and development of intermediary products and materials, and in experiential science education formats. Grown’s mission is hereby to spearhead eco design with no compromise. As part of our design approach we offer outdoor adventures where nature is a source of inspiration and creativity in solving complex design challenges. Socially driven design academies, fabrication labs and testing in the field are integral components of the Grown Outdoor Creativity Lab. Experiencing science while having a great time outside, learning from and being inspired by nature are core ingredients in the Grown approach.