As a transdisciplinary sustainability scientist with a graduate training in forest sciences, forest/wood engineering, inĀ ecologicalĀ economics, industrial ecology and in communication on sustainability, I am interested in place-based human-environment relations and the transition to a more sustainable society – across disciplines, industry sectors and in various geographies.

I have been trained both in the natural and social sciences and I am used to combine, mix and integrate rigorous quantitative (network analysis, footprint accounting, choice experiments) and qualitative methods (design thinking, co-creation, interviews, consultations, focus groups).

Current research projects

  • Resilience of Arctic and Alpine Social-Ecological Systems ArcAlpNet.
  • Didactics and long term evaluation of Education on Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Mountain Tourism – Assessment, Communication, Implementation SMTA.
  • Diversification of the Snow Sports Sector
  • Developing a Circular Economy in Tourism dependent Mountain Regions
  • Cradle to Cradle Design in the Outdoor Sports Product Sector
  • Modeling Consumer Behavior for Sustainable Consumption
  • Architecture and Design – Transformation of an Abandoned Mountain Hamlet to a Living Laboratory of Sustainability
  • Transdisciplinary Methods for Sustainability Research

Areas and key words of my main research

  • Sustainability Transitions
  • Resilience of social-ecological systems (SES)
  • Environmental Change
  • Ecological Economics
  • Circular economy
  • Systemic Design: cradle-to-cradle, whole systems, integrative design of products, services, buildings, governance, communication
  • Industrial ecology: biomimicry, learning from nature
  • Environmental engineering
  • Integrative architecture, passive house design
  • Forest sciences, wood science and engineering
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Assessment and quantification of sustainability: life cycle assessment, footprint accounting, labels and certificates
  • Consumer behavior and sustainable consumption
  • Sustainability communication and didactics for teaching about sustainability
  • Epistemology and conceptual frameworks of sustainability