New co-authored publication: Transforming knowledge systems for life on Earth

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As part of a large group of 176 co-authors, we published an article originating from the Transformations 2017 conference:

Fazey I., Schäpke N., (…) Luthe T. (…) et al. 2020. Transforming knowledge systems for life on Earth: Visions of future systems and how to get there. Energy Research & Social Science 70 (2020) 101724.

Short abstract:

Formalised knowledge systems are important but arguably failing humanity when their impact is measured against the level of progress being made in stimulating the societal changes needed to address challenges like climate change. In this research we used a novel futures-oriented and participatory approach that asked what future envisioned knowledge systems might need to look like and how we might get there. Findings suggest that envisioned future systems will need to be much more collaborative, open, diverse, egalitarian, and able to work with values and systemic issues. To get to envisioned systems we will need to rapidly scale methodological innovations, connect innovators, and creatively accelerate learning about working with intractable challenges. We will also need to create new funding schemes, a global knowledge commons, and challenge deeply held assumptions. This will require bold and strategic action from governments, scientists, civic society and sustained transformational intent.