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“In this day and age, it’s hard to believe in a bright future. The world is in crisis mode, striving to avert the worst, and that leaves little room for looking ahead and for life-affirming visions. But inspiration dies last, says Tobias Luthe. I catch up with the sustainability scientist and regenerative design expert on a video platform; he’s in Oslo, where he spends several weeks a year lecturing at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Luthe has chosen the snowy peak of Monte Viso as his background for the call. The iconic mountain in the Western Alps is a statement, a beacon of progress. Nature is Luthe’s fount of strength. Through and with nature, he shatters old certainties and dismantles spatial dimensions of our thinking in order to reassemble them into a new, richer and more multi-faceted whole.”

Thank you @Nomad and @Michael Grimm @Frédérique Gélinas for this creative, meaningful interview article in Nomad magazine.

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nomad – a person who, from time to time and as the feeling takes them, searches out new places and locations. In doing so, their sense of liberty allows them to focus exclusively on their own needs and life ideals, which are in tune with their existence and way of life. They bring all oft his to life. In – this way, the term an be used as a metaphor, both for carving out a personal sense of individual identity – in line with life goals and lifestyle – as well as for the development of modern society in a more general sense.

The title of the magazine can therefore be seen as a synonym for change, societal transformation and the individuals within our society as well as the search for new perspectives and positions for a future which is truly worth living.

nomad acts as a something of a middleman in the search for new perspectives. The magazine offers views on various themes, including personal, economic, cultural and global aspects, thereby spanning a wide spectrum. In doing so, the magazine undertakes to confront issues linked to design, society and lifestyles, in addition to questions on how the future will shape up, in an inspiring way.