Interview with Swiss Television on designing resilient mountain communities

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What are strategies to revive mountain communities that are in crisis? How to strengthen adaptive and innovative capacities (resilience)? More resilient – to be adaptive in responding to crises and innovative in preparing for change. More regenerative – designing cultures that continuously restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of existence.

We need to fundamentally redesign the economic model of such socio-ecological places to be more circular, more diverse, interconnecting economic sectors and designing new synergistic opportunities. We need to develop future-ready visions in a participative way, opening the physical and mental space to enable and nudge innovative clusters of people and places to thrive. The knowledge about social network structures and functions helps to curate more resilient communities.

Watch the short sequence with journalist Sabine Dahinden from SRF here (in (Swiss) German):

Scroll back and watch the full report on “Albergo diffuso” concepts in mountain communities prior to the interview with me in San Bernardino.